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Pat Morita


Pat Morita

Pat is well known as the character Arnold from the TV series "Happy Days" and from the "Karate Kid" movies. The first time I met him he showed up on my doorstep with a mutual friend, both of whom had had too much vodka to commiserate Pat's recent divorce. They wanted to memorialize their mutual sorrow day with a photograph.

Our other friend excused himself for a moment. Pat, funny man that he is, tried to make light of his emotional state while lingering in front of the camera alone. While trying  to explain how hurt he felt, he began to demonstrate what it would look like to have his head  physically twisted off his body. I shot a frame of film. He burst into tears. I continued to photograph him like that. Soon, we were all drinking vodka.

Hasselblad 500 ELM; Zeiss 100mm lens; Plus-X 70mm film; processed normal in D-76 or HC 110. Dynalight Packs with modified Balcar head in an umbrella with a square diffuser.

© 2003 Tom Zimberoff