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What is a Limited Edition Print?

As an artist, a photographer will guarantee to limit the quantity of prints made for any given size and quality to a specific number. This increases their value, as the number of prints sold to collectors approaches the maximum limit. This limited quantity will be indicated on the back of each print sold. For instance, to issue a limited edition of one thousand 8 x 10 inch, silver, selenium-toned prints means that no more than one thousand will ever be created, although one thousand prints need not necessarily be created all at once. These prints need not be numbered in sequence either, as long as the stipulated maximum does not exceed the limit. A special limited edition, often consisting of a smaller quantity of prints, may indeed be numbered in series (e.g., Nž 37 of 250). To qualify as special, they may have some uniquely identifying feature or features such as being platinum instead of silver prints.

Each particular size of print (i.e., 8 x 10 vs. 11 x 14) may also have its own edition size.

Portfolios are limited to specific edition sizes too and are usually numbered in sequence.

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All of the prints represent fine-art. All prints are silver prints made to museum archival specifications; i.e., they will last a long time.

There are three ways qualities of print for each set, or portfolio, of photographs sold individually:

  1. Normal Print -- unmounted and unmatted; unsigned
  2. Gallery Print -- Silver, selenium-toned prints, mounted and matted on museum-quality, archival rag board, signed on the matte and numbered.
  3. Portfolios -- Series of boxed sets of from six to twelve Gallery Prints. Each Quality is available in four sizes:

    of 6 prints
    8" x 10"$100$450$2,400
    11" x 14"$175$1,000$5,400
    16" x 20"$250$1,500$7,200
    20" x 24"$350$2,500$13,200

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