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PhotoByte is already far and away the leading business-automation solution for photographers! Now it is FREE.

What Does PhotoByte Do?

  • Intellectual property licensing is automated by the Copyright Composer™. This feature facilitates the creation of documents that include all the requisite "legalese" for commercial photographers who grant copyright licenses to their clients in the publishing industry in exchange for fees.

  • The creation of a Virtual Paper Trail™ of business documents is implemented automatically by turning estimates into contracts and, in turn, into job logs, then job change orders, expense reports, film and portfolio delivery memos, invoices, collection letters, and so on, all the while linking the data between them and enabling the user to navigate from one to the other in any order.

  • Commonly-used legal documents are created on demand (without the need to keep an inventory of many different kinds of paper forms), including model releases, assignment confirmations, equipment manifests, indemnification agreements, agent/rep agreements, etc.

  • It tracks the licensing and distribution of photographic images, so the exact disposition of film submissions for each photo assignment or stock licensing transaction is known in an instant. It also tracks how much revenue each image has earned. It's creates a visual record of each shoot on the fly.

  • PhotoByte's unique ProfitAbility™ feature tracks profits earned cumulatively, line item by line item, for each job during the creation of both estimates and invoices. Photographers can now know exactly how much profit is earned on each job by margin percentage and to the penny.

  • It locates clients in specific geographic regions by assignment categories with the unique PostMaster™ feature. It creates strategically targeted direct-mail campaigns.

  • It catalogs scanned images and integrates them into commercial documents; e.g., caption sheets and delivery memos that include full color or black-and-white illustrations of the photos to which they refer.

PhotoByte was called "essential gear" by American Photo magazine and "a self-teaching course in business management" by John Retallack, Professor of Photography at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Outdoor Photographer magazine wrote, "PhotoByte brings profit and convenience to a photographer's profession."

It has been endorsed by dozens of top-name shooters in the photography world.

PhotoByte is such an important tool that it was selected by Allworth Press for inclusion in the first college-level textbook about the business side of photography, Focus on Profit, by Tom Zimberoff.

Focus on Profit
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